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Goodbye Wedge Bed
We've finally taken Baby Bel out of the wedge bed and are letting her sleep directly on the crib mattress. We put a pillow under the head of the mattress to create a slight incline to continue to give her some help with the acid reflux. She seems to be doing better with that, although she still has days where she is spitting up a lot all day long. She has grown too big for the wedge bed, and instead of taking it back to the O.T. to get adjusted, we decided to put it away and see how she does without it. It's been a few days now, and she seems to be okay without it. She still takes Zantac for now, though.

Play Time at Gymboree
Today was Baby's first day at Gymboree. We just did open gym time, with guidance from one of the staff, but Baby seemed to really enjoy it. She leaned over an innertube to play with balls in the center, went down the slides, hung out inside a tunnel, and played with balls in front of a mirror box. After that, she was definitely ready for a nap. Next week we're going to attend some free introductory classes. Hopefully she'll like those, too. We're also going to check out The Little Gym to see which one she likes better.

Baby Likes Tags
Baby Bel has discovered tags! I have heard that babies love tags, but I haven't noticed that in our baby until today. I gave her My Pal Violet to play with, which talks and sings. I left her with it for a bit, and when I came back, she had it turned upside down and was playing with its tags. Also, she has a car seat pull toy that makes music that she's had for quite a while. And suddenly today, she decided to play with its tags!

Baby's First Road Trip

We recently took Baby on her first trip. We went to Seaside, OR and then to Portland, so it was just a few hours road trip for us. We were gone for about four days, and she did very well on the trip. I took my friend's advice and brought lots of clothes, since babies get messy. I also took lots of burp cloths, bibs, diapers, etc., which all came in handy.

She slept on her wedge bed (for her reflux). Yes, we brought that huge thing. But at least she was comfortable. I also brought the BabyBjorn carrier which was great for walking around the aquarium. She loved looking at the fish in the tanks and watching Daddy feed the seals.

I think she actually enjoyed the trip. She had fun seeing new places and things, and getting lots of attention from people. She also enjoyed visiting my friend in Portland, who has three kids that amused her very much.

When we got home, boy, was she happy to be home. She was in such a good mood and smiling for the rest of the evening. Kinda like us. We like going places but it also feels nice to come home.

Lecithin for Releasing Clogged Milk Ducts

My milk ducts have finally gotten a lot better since my Clogged Milk Ducts post. After going to the doctor several times about it, I went to a lactation consultant. She had me continue doing the things I was doing, like pumping, heat compress, warm baths, etc. But she also suggested that I start taking Lecithin capsules 3-4 times a day.

I don't know if it was the lecithin or my baby getting over her cold that unclogged my ducts, but I am finally getting some relief in that area. It seems like the past clogs have happened while Baby had a cold. Going forward, I just need to be very aware if she has a cold, and be proactive about emptying the breasts, and pumping if need be. Maybe even taking the lecithin capsules again.

The lactation consultant said that I may only need to take the lecithin for a couple of weeks during an "episode" or maybe even when I see the signs (constant full feeling) or when baby is sick. But she also said some people take it the all of their nursing months. We'll see how I do. I have a sneaking suspicion that the clogged ducts may have to do with baby's colds. I don't think she eats as well when she is sick. And so she leaves more milk behind than normal.


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