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20 Months

Bel is 20 months old now, almost 21. And she's turning into a little girl. She tries to communicate in words as best she can and makes an effort to learn new words, always asking "what's that, what's that?". Her dancing has become a lot more animated. She can now shuffle around with her feet as well as sway and boogie. She likes turning around in circles. She's also started singing a lot more. Catching a few words of songs and filling the rest in with mumbles. I still think of her as my little baby, but I'm sure that will change once the new baby is born. 

Finding Friends on the Playground
Since the weather has been nice lately, I've been taking Bel to the neighborhood park in the afternoons. She loves it, but likes it even more when there are other children to play with. She likes following them around on the slide, swings, and climbing areas. She tries to talk to them. And today, a boy said, "What? I don't understand baby talk" :-)  It's nice to see her being social.

Rainbow Toes

I got a wild hair the other day and painted Bel and my toes rainbow colors. She wanted to try out her creativity and did Daddy's toes in yellow and orange :-)

Salmonberry Fiend

For Father's Day weekend (as well as to celebrate my birthday), we went to Lake Quinault and took Baby Bel to the Quinault Rain Forest. We had a great time, and Baby Bel discovered salmonberries. I should have brought the baby carrier to tote her around while we hiked in the forest, but I thought it would be a nice experience for her to run around the forest. She ran back and forth along a small stretch of trail, but that was about it. Her patience ran out until we let her taste a salmonberry. After that, the hunt for more salmonberries became her new incentive to continue hiking.

Play Date

For my birthday this year, I decided to have a playdate for Baby Bel. That way I could have all my friends over and Baby Bel could also be occupied. It was lots of fun. In a way, it was almost like a half birthday party for Baby Bel. I got a generic birthday cake from Costco, which turned out being very delicious. And we had plenty of food.

We also went all out on outdoor toys. Being just about summer time and blessed with nice weather that day, we hung out outside, soaking up some sun and letting the toddlers play. We already had a nice little Step 2 Slide set out back. But then we got a sandbox and a water table, too. They were all hits. Bel had such a great time, and I wonder why I don't host playdates more often. But I think I might make it a tradition to have one on my birthday every year (as well as on her birthday). It makes for the perfect party for me as well as the kid(s). This time next year, my new baby will be 6 months old.

It's amazing how fast Baby Bel learns. She's now a color expert, pointing out colors all around her. She can identify quite a few letters of the alphabet. She can even count to four. Daddy counts with her, and she also loves to sing along to "1-2-3-4" by the Plain White Tees :-)

Daddy bought this Winnie the Pooh toddler learning software that teaches colors, letters, and numbers. They've been working on that together. Also, many of her toys teach counting and the ABCs. We got her an alphabet sound Melissa & Doug puzzle, and she learns letters from that as well.


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