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Roseola Fever and Rashes

Bel just got over Roseola. It was a long grueling week of fever and rash. She had a fever of up to 103 for 3 days, and then developed pink splotchy spots that started on her face and worked it's way all over her body. It was a little freaky, both the long fever and the ugly rash, which got worse before it got better.

At first my mom and I thought that it was the measles. So we took her to the pediatrician, and thankfully it was just Roseola. First time I had ever heard of it, but found out from some friends that their kids had gotten it in the past, too. It was so awful, though, because I felt like her fever would never go away. That was the longest fever that I remember her having. And then when it finally went away, and the rashes appeared, I thought they'd never go away either. That they would continue to get worse and worse, like Ebola or something.

Then, also being pregnant, I was worried about the fetus getting sick, too. The doctor said it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but I just imagine, what if he has a fever in my womb and is uncomfortable and has spots? I suppose it's normal to worry about those things. But I'm just so glad it's all over now.

Bel is back to being healthy, and she can finally go hang out with some friends. She went a little stir crazy being cooped up in the house for a week. Just imagine how she'll do being cooped up when I have the new baby this winter. Yikes! 

Beginnings of Reading
Bel is able to read letters of words around her. Like words on signs at stores and on T-shirts. Today she almost read all the letters "Dolly" on her doll. She missread the Ls for Ts, though. But when I corrected her, she read each letter correctly a few times. It's amazing that they have such a strong desire to learn and practice these things.

Her vocabulary is increasing. She is now adept at saying phrases like "I fall down" or "Mommy hold Elmo". She also rambles on in garbled sentences about things that happened or things she saw. Like for a couple of days she talked to herself about the hula hooping guitar playing man and the "brass lady" at Pike Place Market. The other day she told Daddy about what she did at the park. Saw a boy on the slide, climbed up the slide, hung on monkey bars.

She is also learning patience and waiting. (As long as she is in a decent mood.) She'll ask for something in the car. And I sometimes say, "Mommy's driving right now, can you please wait until I stop?". She agrees, and I usually comply when I stop. But today I forgot. So when I stopped and didn't get her Elmo doll, she remembered to ask me again.

It amazes me how she is maturing so much on her own. I talk to her about things, and eventually she gets it.

U-pick Blueberries

Today I took Bel blueberry picking with some friends. We went to a U-pick blueberry farm nearby. I knew she would love it because of how much she loved picking salmonberries when we went hiking. And she did enjoy the blueberries just as much. But the trouble was that she didn't put any of the blueberries into the bucket. They all went straight into her mouth. Needless to say, she didn't have much appetite for other food today.

Pike Place Market - Disneyland at Home

I took her to Pike Place Market yesterday. I thought it might be interesting for her to look at all the jewelry and trinkets. And it was. She strolled into the market wide eyed and soaking in all the sensory stimuli. She loved looking at all the jewelry, wanted to touch it all, of course. And did the same with the beautiful handmade candles, sniffing each one of them.

She enjoyed sampling the various fresh fruits they had there. Yummy peach juice dribbling down her chin.

But her favorite part was the sidewalk entertainers, mostly musicians. She was totally captivated by them. It was great, because she got to watch different types of instruments being played. There were guitar players, of course, a fiddler, a banjo player, and a chinese violin being played.

The most amusing was a man playing a guitar and a harmonica, while balancing another guitar up vertically with his chin, jingling shakers on his feet, and hula hooping 2 hoops, all at the same time. Being an analyzer, she was really sizing up this guy. He gave her a little attention and captivated her even more.

Another memorable entertainer was the "Brass Lady", as I call her. She had sprayed herself patinated brass to look like a statue. And she would stand still until a child put money in her vase. Then she would do a little dance and blow them a kiss. Bel thought that was neat, and made me stop so she could watch. After the lady did her trick about 3 times, Bel let out a yell and started crying. I guess it was enough times for her to realize that the lady looked like a statue, but broke out of that mold just enough to creep you out. 

We ended the day at the park across from the market. Bel ran around the grass with other children, and we enjoyed the view of the Puget Sound. Another fun-filled day with Bel.

Then Daddy took us out to a seafood dinner on the water. That part wasn't so fun for Bel.  But restaurant behavior (or misbehavior) is a topic for another post.

Potty Training

We got her a potty training toilet a week or two ago, just to spark her interest in toilet training. She's sat on it just a few times so far. But this morning, she peed in it for the first time! It was surprising and exciting. She sat on it when we first got it, just because of the novelty of it. She sat on it another time for a long time, getting up and down a few times, but to no avail.

That's why I was so surprised this morning. After a while of sitting there, she asked to have her diaper back on. I went to put it on, and that's when I noticed pee in the potty. Wow!

I've been told that we shouldn't put pressure on potty training. So I've been pretty lax about it. I've asked her nonchalantly every day or so if she wants to sit on the potty, usually when I'm in the bathroom. And she usually says no. But she's asked to sit on it a couple of times herself. And that's what happened this morning.

Does this mean that it will happen again? Who knows. I'm trying not to get my hopes up in seeing pee/poo in the potty every time she sits there.

At our friend's house today, she saw her little friend poo and pee into her potty. And from what her friend's mom told me, Bel was pretty excited to see poo and pee in the potty. I think it was good for her to see her friend go potty. Maybe it will encourage her to do so herself. 


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