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Halloween Drawings

She's getting more creative with her drawings. Halloween is long over with, but she still seems to have a little bit of the Halloween spirit in her. She made these two drawings. One of which is human jack-o-lanterns (which she says is really scary), and the other Frankenstein lily pads.


Evolution of Drawing Faces

I remember being really impressed the first time I saw her draw a face. I don't remember exactly when that was. But as time went on, and her drawing skills improved, I wanted to document her evolution of drawing faces. I haven't been really great at dating all of her work, but started doing that this summer when I started doing homeschool worksheets with her.

Again, I wish I had dated this, but this was probably done this year. At this point, mouths go all the way across the face. Scribbles are words, like a story book that has words and pictures.

 This one includes ears, arms, and legs.


This drawing has multiple faces (symbolizing people together or interacting). And one of the faces has tears. The mouths no longer go all the way across the whole face, they are more proportionate. The faces now have noses, eyebrows, and lines on the foreheads.


And now we've got a smile :-)


Wow, a little more of a realistic hairdo here.


Now we have eyeballs and a beard in this one.


Here we have a little scene. A sunny day with blue skies. And two little people out enjoying the day.


A close up of the little people. She says this is herself and her boyfriend (who she can't stop talking about)


A face drawn using multiple colors, and the person standing on some grass.


And now we have some eyelashes


I can't say that I draw any better than this, but I will continue to post her face drawings as they come!

4yo Vaccines

She just got her 4yo vaccines today, MMR and Dtap, plus the usual flu, since her birthday is in the fall. She got the nasal spray flu vaccine this time. She seemed to have some side effects from the vaccines. After we walked out of the doctor's office, she became lethargic and very tired and sleepy. She did eat lunch ok, but after that became tired again and wanted to lie down. It has been about 7 hours since her shots and she is still so tired and sleepy after having an afternoon nap. I am hoping she is okay. I tried calling the pediatric's office but they are closed.

I tried playing with playdough with her, but she was too tired and weak to even sit at a chair and do that. She is now lying down in front of the TV in the living room watching Daniel Tiger. I hope she shakes this by morning.

Writing Numbers

We have decided to homeschool the kids. So I try to make sure she spends time at least 3 days a week doing something "scholastic". Luckily, she takes interest in it enough that she is pretty independent about doing it. I've bought several different preschool workbooks and downloaded worksheets online. Mostly like tracing letters and numbers, shapes, brain activities, cutting and pasting, and drawing and coloring.

This paper is the first time I've seen her write her numbers 1-10 all on her own, without being asked or suggested to do it. And without any guidance as to how to do it. I just found this paper sitting on her table after she had been working on stuff. I know it is not perfect, but I definitely see how she did her best to write her numbers from 1-10 (on the top line).

Beautiful Coloring
 I was totally amazed when I saw this coloring. This is one of the most beautiful colorings that I have seen her do so far. She did it all on her own, without any advice from me or anyone. It is the first time I noticed her coloring things close to actual colors of things. Wow, when did she learn to do this? It used to be just almost random colors for things, like pink suns, purple trees, etc. But now, it is looking a lot more "realistic".

Movie Day Gone Bad

Hard to believe that baby Bel has advanced to the preschool years. I still remember that chubby little bundle of milk-drinking love that she was long ago. Now she is beautiful, smart, opionionated, and intuitive. There is little that can get by her ears without almost complete understanding.

She still struggles with controlling her emotions. I guess even adults still do often times. I enjoy making her happy and when I cannot do so, it pains me inside. For instance, we had been planning on going to the movies for a couple of days. She was so excited about it and didn't want to do anything else but go to the movies. When movie day arrived, she woke up that morning and said she didn't want to go and just wanted to stay home. I guess I was still geared up for going and knew she had badly wanted to go for a while. So later that morning, I asked her again, and she was ready to go. But alas, it was a disaster. Towards the end of the movie, she started getting restless. And by the end of the movie, she was so tired that she had a major melt down. One that I haven't seen for a while.

We met her friend at the movies, and when it was time to go home, she broke down into a crying and screaming fit because she wanted to spend more time with her friend. And kept repeating "I don't want to go home". Knowing full well the rule in our family. That is if she throws a tantrum when I say its time to leave (a fun place), we cannot go back (for a while or the next time she asks to go). Reminding her of that fact usually keeps her in check, but this time she lost it and couldn't regain composure. And she knew she lost it, so she went all out. Carrying on with screaming and crying for 20 minutes, like she did when she was in her terrible twos.

I felt like unleashing all the terror of my vocal chords onto her in the car. But instead I tried to talk to her and understand what was going on. I have been accused of over-talking things out before, but I guess I sort of lost it too. After all the talk, I break it down to being that she is feeling under the weather, with a cold, she was tired, she was feeling a little restless from sitting still for so long in the theatre, on top of the usual disappointment of having to leave a fun place, and her friend.

If I was more understanding, maybe I would have pardoned the behavior. If I had let loose a little more, I would have unleashed a dragon onto her. But I picked somewhere in the middle and tried to talk through it. But mostly, I got a very tired, upset, sick person who couldn't think straight, let alone talk to me heartfully about it.

So what would I do next time? I don't know. It seems that the older she gets, she needs to be more accountable for her reactions. Being almost 4 (by next month), I think it is reasonable to expect a child to leave a fun place at a reasonable time without a tantrum. Granted, she may be prone to overly dramatic emotional reactions, as compared to her friends, but my husband thinks that we can teach her to find a way to keep that in check.

Enough of my rambings, though. It just feels better to be able to share.


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