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Bel's Maternal Instincts

Bel is becoming more and more affectionate with the baby in my belly. She still snuggles with my belly to get to sleep, but now she calls it "baby" rather than "belly". She starting to snuggle with it more often throughout the day, sings a song to the baby, says hi, has "conversations" with it, and showers it with kisses. How sweet. I hope she will be just as sweet when Baby is born.

Baby Center says that I should start talking to my baby in utero. But I really haven't had a chance to do it, with taking care of Bel and other business. But Bel has been taking the initiative to do it for me :-)

Junk Food Junkie

Last time I was pregnant, with Bel, I was a junk food junkie. I'm trying not to do that this time around, but it's really hard. I made a batch of choco chip cookies the other day, and I feel like they were my staple for every meal and snack until they were gone. Evil cookies. I have some peanut butter cookies to make, too. But now I'm thinking twice about even making them.

So yesterday, since I had no cookies to eat, I grabbed some Greek yogurt, put some granola, raspberries, and coconut flakes on top, and ate that. I felt much better about myself after eating that. And I realized that I need to stock the house with more healthy foods rather than having a homemade batch of cookies on hand...

17 Weeks and Kicking

The past few days I thought I felt baby kicking. And today, I definitely felt it. What a great feeling. It's not the most comfortable feeling, but it is wonderful and comforting to know that baby is alive and kicking! It's weird though. I'm getting bigger in the upper part of my belly, but I felt baby kicking in the very lowest part of my belly.

My little toddler Bel is kissing my belly more, and calling it Baby. She still loves to cuddle against my belly for comfort, when she gets hurt, and to get to sleep for naps and night time. She's been doing that ever since I weaned her from breastfeeding.

The past several days, she's been flocking to other kids at the park and loved hanging out with her little toddler friend. I realize how much she loves to have the company of other children. And I think it will be really great for her to have a sibling, and vice versa. 

Craving mostly sweets, cookies, candies, ice cream, cake, etc. Same as before :-) Trying to keep up with my daily 30 minute morning workout and adding in some walks when I can. Bel likes the walks too because we usually walk to the park.

15 Weeks

This week we started the weekly prenatal portraits with my new outfit that just came in. I really love the outfit, and these portraits are going to be fun. We already took a bunch of good shots. I think it's weird, though that I have so much flab over top of my belly this time around. So it looks bigger than last time at this stage. Here is the pic at 15 weeks.

I'm feeling mostly fine at this stage. No more nausea and still able to get around okay. I'm noticing myself getting a little off balance and back strain coming on more easily. Trying to be careful about carrying my little toddler around, but she still likes to be held a lot. Gotta remember to pack the baby carrier more often.

Time for Maternity Clothes
I started wearing maternity pants the other day, and I can't believe how much more comfortable I am with them. They sag, and I have to keep puling them up, but I feel almost like I should have been wearing them for the past year. Even months after I gave birth, I've continued to have a disproportionately big tummy compared to the rest of my body.

My belly dance outft arrived from Istanbul yesterday, so we'll start weekly penatal photos in the next several days. I love the outfit. Its not too flashy but still interesting and pretty. Baby Bel likes it too. She played with it all night last night.

Already the 2nd Trimester!

Today I had my first prenatal visit at my OB's office. Yeah, I was a little reluctant to take the pregnancy test, so I waited probably a little too long. I just didn't want to jump the gun, like I did when we first started trying to get pregnant. Every time I felt nauseated or tired, I thought I was pregnant. I took tests and was just disappointed. So now, I guess I just wait until it is painfully obvious.

The people at the doc's office were surprised to see how far along I already was. They thought I was about 8 weeks along. But inside, I knew, I felt, I was beyond that. I mean, there's no mistaking my poofy belly. Good news is I'm past the first trimester! The ultrasound marked me at 14 weeks and 3 days. Baby is 8.58cm from head to bottom. I could see it moving it's arms around. You can already see the eyes and mouth, arms, legs, hands, and feet. I just wanted to give it a big kiss, but that will have to wait!


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