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Yoga Paws ELITE - Portable Travel Yoga Mat For Your Hands and Feet - Non-Slip and Padded Fingerless Gloves and Toeless Socks For Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness - Yoga Accessories For Men and Women, Size 1 Womens XS, Midnight Blue

by YogaPaws
 (4.5 stars from 192 customer reviews)

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  • THE BEST TRAVEL YOGA MAT: Keep your bulky yoga mat at home. Yoga Paws yoga gloves and non-slip toeless socks literally become a wearable, lightweight, yoga mat. Whether on a plane, at the beach, or up a mountain, Yoga Paws are so compact, you can simply drop them in a purse or bag and take them with you wherever you go. Practice EVERYWHERE.
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION in 4 UNISEX SIZES: Yoga Paws are made of a stretchy, breathable, top designed to keep your skin cool, while moisture-wicking terry cloth lines the Natural Rubber bottoms. Soft, "barely there," elastic separates the fingers and toes, never interfering or irritating your interdigital folds. Each Paw is also stitched with exterior, zig-zag, seams to prevent skin gouging. Be sure to follow our easy Size Guide for best fit.
  • SAY NO TO GRIP DOTS: Unlike common, knitwear, yoga accessories, Yoga Paws are latex-free and silicone-free. Designed with a full layer of durable, natural, rubber, they retain their grip use after use, on even the roughest terrain or even in water. Yoga Paws turn any slippery or rough surface into your yogic playground. In addition, Yoga Paws can also be used on a slippery yoga mat or yoga towel, for extra grip.
  • PRESSURE POINT SUPPORT: Elite Yoga Paws Hands and Feet are padded with 5mm of cushiony love to support the bony pressure points in the palms of your hands and pads of your feet. These padded yoga gloves and sox are perfect for those who suffer from injury. And inversion lovers rejoice -- our gloves provide delicious support to your delicate wrists, protecting them from the all too common abuse of full weighted poses. Looking for non-padded Yoga Paws? Search for our SkinThin version.
  • YOU WERE BORN FREE - NOW PRACTICE FREE: Your practice should never be hindered by slipping, injury, or the four corners of your mat. From wicking away sweat during Hot Yoga or Bikram, to withstanding the rigorousness of Ashtanga, to providing the ultimate free-flow experience during Vinyasa, or to adding support or comfort in Restorative Yoga, Yoga Paws are designed for everyone's practice. We also have an incredible support staff - simply visit our storefront, and send us a message.

Product Description
Product Description
YP001MB Color: Midnight Blue, Size: Women's XS Features: -Made with real Natural Rubber Eco-Friendly yoga mat material.-Ideal for travel.-Great non-slip grip.-Perfect for hot yoga.-Towel liner absorbs 7 times its weight in moisture.-Ergonomic design for added comfort.-4mm of padding for added wrist support.-Takes up as much room as a pair of socks in travel bag..-Weight only 5oz, compared to 10lbs yoga mat.

Customer Reviews

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars My New Favorite Mat and Outstanding Customer Service, October 23, 2016
So impressed with this product that a month later I bought a second pair to have on hand as a spare...the second pair sizing had changed but customer service took care of it lickety split and sent me a replacement pair immediately. ....I use these all the time now...originally bought them for travel but now I use them on top of my mat and I don't have to spray down my towel for traction anymore and the extra support on my wrists/ hands is awesome!!! Best yoga product ever...thank you Yoga Paws!!!

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars These are wonderful. I am a yoga newbie with chronic back ..., January 16, 2018
M.A.B. (Idaho, USA) - See all my reviews
These are wonderful. I am a yoga newbie with chronic back and hand pain, not to mention an injured knee that is not stable. The footies allow me to practice without fear of slipping and twisting my knee (always a huge fear). The padded gloves allow me to put weight on my hands without the carpal bones in my left hand shooting with pain. This is a truly amazing product and I'm so glad it appeared in my amazon suggestions. The gloves feel funny at first, as they are quite stiff. I found the key was to flex my wrist backward before fastening the velcro strap. Kind of like flexing an ankle before tying shoelaces. That ensures they don't go on too tight.

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Love them, October 9, 2016
Love it! It provides great traction on or off the mat! The only slight problem: the velcro straps on the gloves are interfering with the bending of my wrists. But it's something I can overlook. Looking forwards to bringing them with me on my vacation!

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