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Van Zyverden Wisteria - Purple - Set of 1 Root Stock

by Van Zyverden

List Price: $24.99
  • Sweet fragrance feast for the senses/ astonishing vigor producing hundreds of violet-blue blooms/ lasts and grows for ever
  • Vigorous and rewarding, growing up to 10 feet or more annually/it is drought tolerant, and easy to grow by anyone. Green thumb or not!
  • What we ship is two year old root stock, ranging 12-18" in height, not a fully grown foliated potted plant
  • Bulb size: 2 Year - 3' feet/ exposure: full sun/ blooms: spring/ grows 30-60' tall
  • Plant- 10-15' apart, crown 1'' below soil level/hardy in usda zones 5-9/48 contiguous us States, plus the district of Columbia

Product Description
Product Description
Wisteria, widely popular, is something between a shrub and a vine, blooming vigorously in spring with showy, cascading flower clusters that provide growing color. Wisteria provides the drapery, vining slipcover look to camouflage a view or provide shade over a porch or pergola. It can live a long, healthy life with no pruning at all (depending on the look you seek), happily twining, climbing, and sprawling over everything and anything in its path. A sturdy support is recommended. It is drought tolerant, and easy to grow by anyone, green thumb or not!
Wisteria gives the artful gardener a paintbrush for which to cover the landscape canvas. It is vigorous and rewarding, growing up to 10 feet or more annually.

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