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The LEGO Batman Movie

 (4.3 stars from 1,167 customer reviews)

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Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars I've Watched This Movie 5 Times During The 36 Hour Rental!!, June 14, 2017
I thought this movie was fantastic!

I rented, and now I will buy it. I've watched it more than 5 times during my rental period and can't seem to get enough of the "Let's Get Nut's" Batman song in the beginning of the movie.

As for whether or not it's for kids, I'll leave these comments as this is coming from a 37 year old:
I didn't think it was any more or less violent than Despicable Me or Monsters University. However, my young ones didn't understand many references made in the movie despite finding it enjoyable. Specifically, there are many references (hilarious ones or hilariously spun) that are either before many 10 year old's time, are from movies that were not for children, or are not part of US pop culture. For example, "You wanna get nuts?! Let's get nuts!" is from the 1989 Batman movie (I was 9 when that movie came out...and yes I watched it and didn't understand it until I watched it again as an adult). The Eye of Sauron is... Read more

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5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it!!!!!!!!!, June 14, 2017
randi lee (WESTFIELD, MA, United States) - See all my reviews
If you are a fan of the ridiculous, you will LOVE this movie. The comedy is silly, goofy and light-hearted. Will Armett nails it as Batman. The whole cast nails it! I loved this movie so much that I turned my digital rental into a purchase. And the song and dance number at the end? Laugh out loud!

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5.0 out of 5 stars We love Lego Batman!, October 4, 2017
Lego Batman totally made the first Lego Movie. This one is even better. It's hilarious. I'm 42 and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this with my 12 year old. The movie has a good message too. I love all the bad guy cameos in it also. Where else can you see Voldemort, Sauron, Joker and Batman in the same movie?

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