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STOTT PILATES Pilates Express Mat


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  • Perfect for Pilates or Yoga, this 10mm extra thick mat provides added support to protect your spine, optimal comfort and durability
  • 22-inch x 70-inch x 0.4-inch
  • Closed-cell foam with ribbed texture
  • Convenient integrated velcro straps allow you to simply roll and go
  • Wash and Care - METHOD 1: Fill a spray bottle with water and add 20-30 drops of tea tree oil. Spray the mat and wipe with a clean cloth. Let it air dry unrolled.
  • METHOD 2: Wipe the mat with cloth dipped in soap suds or laundry powder solution. Rinse with water and wipe dry with towel or cloth

Product Description
Product Description
There's a reason this is our best selling mat the world over. Super-cushy, lightweight and made of closed-cell foam construction, it will protect your spine from hard surfaces, while keeping you comfortable as you exercise. The Pilates Express Mat is ribbed on one side and smooth on the other to accommodate many different exercises and traction. As with all our Express Mats, the integrated Velcro straps allow you to simply roll up the mat and go. And this mat features a fun bubble pattern.
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