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Review: Lego The Batman Movie Blind Bags Toy Review

 (5.0 stars from 1 customer review)

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Hard to find in corner stores. They keep running out., September 24, 2018
My grandson 5 years of age is addicted and these has become my little treat I surprise him with. Sadly enough I couldn’t find one anywhere before his soccer game. At the end of his game he came running up to me to find no surprise in my purse. He couldn’t believe it. Nana, I know your kidding me, I know you have one in your purse. I had to literally dump my purse and show him I couldn’t find one anywhere. He was so sad. I felt terrible. He walked to his dads car, got in, and off they went. Broke my heart. How something so little can hurt so hard. 😟

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