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RARE Very hard to find them all: 5 different colors of Wisteria, package of 25 seeds, 5 each color

by Tropical Oasis

30 new from $1.24    

List Price: $2.71
  • White, blue, pink, lavender and purple Wisteria
  • 5 varieties, 5 seeds each
  • can be container grown
  • hardy zone 3-9

Product Description
Product Description
Sowing instructions: Sow in spring or autumn at 13-18°C (55-65°F) Soak the seeds for 24 hours in warm water. Fill small pots or trays with good quality seedling compost, stand the pots in water and allow them to drain. Sow the seeds 2cm (0.78in) deep, cover with soil and spray the top with water. Place the pots inside a plastic bag or cover with a plastic lid and place in a cold frame, greenhouse or even just a windowsill. Keep the soil misted, but not overly saturated. Germination occurs within 30-60 days (usually around 3-4 weeks), Take the pot out of the bag and make sure it gets plenty of sunlight and not allowed to dry out. After the seedlings have a set of true leaves, prick them gently out of the pot and pot up separately. Put the pots outdoors in a place that is protected from direct sunlight and extremes of weather, wind. They can be planted directly in the desired spot as long as you have at least 45 days before the first frost.

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