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Premium Grade Fragrance Oil - Fresh Summer - Gift Set 6/10ml Bottles - Baby Powder, Fresh Cotton, Ocean Breeze, Sweet Pea, Mountain Rain, Vanilla

by Eternal Essence Oils
 (4.4 stars from 342 customer reviews)

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List Price: $16.95
  • Our gift set includes 6/10 ML amber glass bottles with tamper evident ring and euro style dropper. The dropper inserts a small amount of product to be dispensed.
  • Our oils are perfected for many uses; Oil difussers, Skin & Hair care formulations ( unscented lotions & shampoo ) Soaps, Candles / Incense, Gel Candles, Potpourri, Aroma Diffussers. These are only a few additions.
  • Barnhouse blue has spared no effort in maintaining the highest quality oil. Ensuring that our suppliers meet stringent quality standards.
  • Fragrance oils are for external use only. This product should not be used undiluted. For any questions regarding proper usage in products please contact us.

Customer Reviews

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great Scent, Not Overwhelming, Nice Presentation, March 30, 2018
*Note: I couldn’t find a thing on their manufacturing process or suppliers, so I’m not attesting to genuinity of ingredients!

I bought this set only for the vanilla, but ended up loving all of them! It’s so difficult to describe the smell of each one, especially since everyone’s perception is a bit different, but here is what we came up with amongst the 6 of us to relay expectations.

Vanilla: Exacly as expected. Much like cooking vanilla without the alcohol “fume”. More full than a scented candle.

Fresh Cotton: Similar to a perfume you’d expect on Grandma. Not our favorite, but helps to cover the outside dog smell in the laundry room with a few spritzes.

Mountain Rain: Reminds me of a damp summer morning with flowers starting to bloom. The kids say it smells like grass and “chopped up flowers.”

Ocean Breeze: Very much as expected. Reminds me of the smell of the ocean combined with fresh hotel towels. Kind of a lavender scent in... Read more

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Got my set a few days ago and already buying another set!, October 30, 2017
I order the "FRESH SUMMER" set and let me tell You....... this set smells WONDERFUL! VERY fragrant throw and at the same time, they do not give me a headache! All the scents smell good on their own.. but they also smell nice mixed together or even with EOils ! (Like the ocean breeze with a little tea tree or Fresh cotton with a little frankincense.) impressive :) another good things is since they are so fragrant.. I only need maybe 3-5 drops in my diffuser (if you use one) and I come back to a wonderful smelling bedroom! I've made DIY poopourri with these (yep...I said POOpourri).. I've tried them out on my DIY dryer sheets.. and im NOT unimpressed yet! I have even added a few drops to some almond oil or coconut oil when I moisturize and it smells sooooo lovely on my skin.. (I would not put it on my face though!) .. If you are like me and you like fresh crisp smells like baby powder or anything reminiscent of laundry .. (sheets hanging out to dry in the sun...fabric softener... Read more

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great scents, needs dropper, March 2, 2018
I love the smell of some of these scents. I wanted something other than the traditional scents for my new diffuser. I’m not crazy about a couple of them like baby powder and vanilla but I love the rest. Especially, ocean breeze and mountain rain. Those are wonderful. I also really liked sweet pea. My husband really likes our new diffuser and I’m really happy. I was worried he wouldn’t like the smell if had scents that were too strong. He has commented several times how great the house smells!

I didn’t give these 5 stars for one reason. They don’t come with a dropper and it’s hard to tell how much oil you are adding when you are just shaking a random number of drops in. I would like a dropper with a measurement line on it so I would know exactly how much is going in. Other than that they are wonderful. I’m thinking about purchasing the vacation getaway. I might just buy individual bottles this time. I wish there was a way for us to customize our own 6 bottle box with our... Read more

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