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Pilates Ring - Pilates Magic Circle and Mini Exercise Ball - Resistance Fitness Ring Is Perfect For Toning Arms, Abs and Thighs - 9 Inch Pilates Ball Is Great For Balance and Core Training

by HomeFit Essentials

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Product Description
Product Description

HomeFit Essentials Grey Pilates Ring:
Our Pilates Magic Circle is made of high quality sturdy materials. It provides an effective resistance core workout targeting the abdomen, inner thigh, leg and arm areas for body toning. The HomeFit Essentials Pilate ring makes it easy to do home fitness exercises at any time of day. You can do a quick workout while watching tv or sitting at your desk at work. 

Pilates magic circle is approximately 13 inches in diameter with none slip foam padded grips. The foam padded grips gives you the comfort you need while doing your resistance exercise to tone your body.

The Magic Circle is one of the original fitness equipment's that Joseph Pilates created to help you find the connections to your center more easily. The art of Pilates is not a "power workout" activity. It uses concepts of body symmetry, light body-based resistance and similar ideas. Pilates focuses on flexibility, improved range of motion, balance and overall poise instead of traditional muscle building.

HomeFit Essential Pilates Ring Features:

-  13” diameter
-  High Quality Fiberglass Material
-  Foam padding

✔ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you have any issues with your equipment we will fix it

Mini Pilates Blue Exercise Ball:
Pilates exercise ball helps you strengthen your core, endurance and balance. You can easily inflate and put it to use right away.

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