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MGP Water Tight Half Wine Barrel Planter, 26" X 18" X 26"

by Master Garden Products

3 new from $28.53    

List Price: $38.00
  • Hand crafted and distribute exclusively by MGP Master Garden Products, Algona Washington State.
  • Made of oak wood and finished with outdoor protective sealing to prolong usage in the garden. The splitting lips of half barrels are sanded to a finished look and feel
  • Water tight barrels are kept in a special high humidity space and needs to be hydrated once a month to keep the barrels in water tight condition
  • The bottoms are inserted into the dado for strong support. Bottom support is chamfer inward to minimize the contact between the barrel and the ground.Water tight barrels and planters eliminates the use of a liner
  • Reclaimed used wine barrel will look slightly different from one another

Product Description
Product Description
We turn used wine barrels into various size water garden containers such as the half barrel, and three quarter barrel. Your choice of container size depends on your garden plan, number of water plants, and the size of your planting materials. Half barrel is ideal for general water garden plant use, if you want to plant water plant like water lily and water lotus that required 1 or 2 feet of water immersion then the 3/4 size will be ideal. You can easily set up a water garden by using our water tight barrel tub or by using a water garden liner with our regular barrel tub. Using our water tight barrel planter as a water garden container eliminates the use of plastic liners and retains the natural look of a water garden.

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