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Golden Barrel Seed Packet, 100 count

by Arizona Cactus Farms

7 new from $4.00    

List Price: $6.49
  • organically grown in Arizona's Sonoran Desert
  • 2016 harvest from healthy, strong-spined mother plants
  • Product of USA
  • Includes a care sheet and germination instructions

Product Description
Product Description
This golden-spined beauty will steal the show in your desert landscape or cactus collection! Although flowers of golden barrel are amazing, the loveliness of the golden barrel persists year-round, rooted in an amazing harmony of color, form and spine arrangement. Plants flower when they're around 12 years old or 12 inches in diameter. Flowers have golden, pointed-tip petals and form in a ring around the crown of the plant. Native to Central Mexico, golden barrels can be grown outdoors in USDA plant hardiness zones 9 through 11. Older plants can tolerate full sun but also grow well in partial shade. Younger plants should be grown in partial shade to prevent sunburn. You can grow them in containers even in colder climates--just bring them indoors when freezing weather approaches. Golden barrels are generally propagated through seeds because plants usually form only one stem. This makes it difficult to routinely propagate the plant by rooting pups or offsets. Although some people think of growing cactuses from seed as a difficult process, it's actually easy if you follow the care instructions. Just be aware that they require different handling from other, more familiar seeds. Each purchase will include an instruction and care sheet.

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