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Breathe Blend 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil - 10ml

by Healing Solutions
 (4.6 stars from 2,695 customer reviews)

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List Price: $7.99
  • The most UNIQUE and AMAZING SMELLING Breathe Blend on the market, in our opinion. If you are not ABSOLUTELY amazed, receive a full refund no questions asked!
  • SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE: If you are just trying our Breathe Blend for the first time and you do not switch to it permanently as your new favorite oil we will refund your money, guaranteed.
  • PURE + RIGOROUS QUALITY TESTING & CONTROLS: Distillation facility is GMP, ISO 9001 and Kosher certified, FDA Registered. Make sure ALL oils you buy have these qualifications. In our opinion our oil is superior to organic and THE MOST RARE, BEST SMELLING, AND MOST THERAPEUTICALLY EFFECTIVE OF ALL, Healing Solutions Breathe Blend is produced using plants and flora grown in the best possible place on earth which ensures that it will have the highest therapeutic content possible.
  • ★★ LIMITED SUPPLY SALE ★★ ---------- Healing Solutions is SUPERIOR because it offers over 170 different oils for blending/pairing.

Product Description
Product Description
100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Breathe Blend

Eucalyptus, Cardamom, Lemon, Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Pine, and Tea Tree - Comparable to Doterra Breathe, Young Living Raven, Eden's Exhale, Inhale, Respiratory and Sinus Relief - Breathe Easy / Easier

Comes in an amber glass essential oil bottle. European Dropper Cap included.

What sets Healing Solutions Essential Oils apart is superior cultivation of ingredients that are the best in the world. Combined with superior distillation and bottling care process, We GUARANTEE that our oils are aromatically superior and more effective than any other oils - if you disagree we will refund your money! Zen

The Leading Aromatherapy Associations (Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association, Aromatherapy Trade Council, and others) all state that essential oils should not be taken internally (regardless of purity or organic origin) unless under the guidance of a health care practitioner trained at an appropriate level . As such, all of our oils carry a label warning that the product is NOT FOR INTERNAL USE.

Customer Reviews

392 of 409 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great for clogged sinuses & wicked coughs., March 17, 2015
C. Ball (San Diego, CA) - See all my reviews
Had a cold that settled into bronchitis. Even with maximum recommended dosages of Mucinex, Benadryl, and Sudafed, I couldn't sleep for several nights because of the coughing. I also used a facial steamer with a couple of drops of vicks vaporizer steam oil several times a day and although it did help, the cough came back after about 30 minutes. Also, the vicks oils smell was heinous.

I looked here for a steamer with an oil reservoir as my facial steamer didn't have one. I decided on the Mabis Personal steam Inhaler Vaporizer for the low cost, prime availability & good reviews. I ordered this inhaler along with the Organic Breathe Essential Oils on Saturday evening and received them on Monday morning with prime. Within 2 sessions in 12 hours of using, my cough & head started to clear and I could get the uninterrupted sleep I desperately needed. Within 4 sessions in 36 hours my cough was about gone. Not sure if it was the inhaler or the oils, but I'm certainly sticking with... Read more

116 of 120 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I will order Again and Again!!, March 21, 2016
I use this for my allergies, without it I couldn't sleep at night. This is the third time I have ordered, has changed the quality of my sleep!!

119 of 125 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful for sinus problems, March 23, 2016
My husband has problems with his sinuses so he tried this. The first night he used the Breath Blend he slept thru the night snd woke up with no problem with his sinus. Now he uses it in a necklace diffuser and had much less problems.

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