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Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

When Baby was a few months old, we bought the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes. She was enthralled by the lights and the nice music. This toy was a great distraction for her. It helped a lot during her physical therapy exercises. I definitely recommend it, and it also got great reviews. Now at almost 13 months old, she's got bigger and more exciting toys, but she still loves the music that this one plays.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen

We bought the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen for our baby when she was 10 months old. It immediately became a favorite. It has several different sounds, and they change based on the mode (music mode, talking mode, sound effects mode, and Spanish mode). It's a great one for teaching cause and effect, too.

The sounds happen when you open and close the fridge, flip the page of the "book" inside the fridge, press on the water faucet, press or push the pot onto the burner, flip the light switch off and on, roll the timer, and open and close the oven.

It also has 3 shapes sorters on the fridge that fit 3 small plastic "food" shapes. These food shapes can also go into the oven, in the pot, into the garbage, and on a shelf in the fridge. I know Amazon has reviews that say that babies' fingers got smashed, but this hasn't happened with ours. At 11 months, Baby still really enjoys this toy.

Brightlings Exploration Station

Brightlings Exploration StationI found the Brightlings Exploration Station at a yard sale for just a few bucks. It was missing the three Bitty Brights play pals, but it has been one of babies favorite toys. I would definitely recommend it. There are so many different tunes that play. And they are very pleasant sounding, unlike some other baby toys out there that can be just annoying.

Since we didn't get the 3 little play pals, we just use Little People figures to send down the play tube. They work just fine. And baby figured out how to drop them down the chute pretty quickly.

 I guess there are some other little Brightlings figures that can work with this toy. I'm thinking about getting them, too. They are the Brightlings Builders, Dancers, Matchers, and Stackers.


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