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Welcome to little things

This web site is a culmination of things I have learned during various experiences in my life. I hope some of this information will be useful to you. There are a broad range of topics I have written about here. I have also included some things I made or found that I would like to share. Enjoy!

Beauty Blog (34 more articles.)
Kissky Women's Color Block Long Sleeve Bodycon Tshirt Dress

Baseball Shirt DressKissky Women's Color Block Long Sleeve Bodycon Tshirt DressI got this Kissky Women's Color Block Long Sleeve Bodycon Tshirt Dress on Amazon. It was advertised as a bodycon dress. But since reviewers said that the dress runs short, I opted for a size larger than what I normally get. I am 5ft and 103lbs, and I got the Medium size. It fit fine. Not really a bodycon dress on me. But it fit the bill for what I wanted in a baseball shirt dress.

I wanted a casual dress that I could wear with sneakers so I could run around shuttling my kids to their after-school activities. And maybe even run around the park with them a little.

I washed the dress, and it shrunk a little and fit fine for what I was looking for. A little loose fitting but not too much. Just right, and not too over-the-top for everyday wear.

But then I gained a few pounds, and the dress started riding up. I noticed how short it now was, and I could feel my backside exposed as I bent over (at home, of course). So I threw on a pair of leggings underneath, and problem solved.

The dress is much cuter without the leggings, but I also got compliments on it with the leggings. So I'd say it's a buy if you want a unique casual dress to romp around in. If you buy your regular size, and it actually ended up being a bodycon, you could wear cute lacy short leggings underneath.

Also, the color I ordered was burgundy. However, the color I received was a little brighter than the photo shown on Amazon. I would say it was a cool dark red. Nonetheless, I like the color. It is a pretty red, and stands out nicely against the gray of the rest of the dress.

The sleeves reach down to my wrists and are a little loose. So I often wear it with the sleeves pushed up to 3/4 length. The fabric is a ribbed knit and pretty comfortable to wear.

Health Blog (9 more articles.)
Fun Toes Socks

It was winter time, almost Christmas. Riding boots were all the rage. My friend comes over  for a visit and leaves her boots next to the front door. I hear zzzzzip and zzzip. Then she walks into the living room. Something catches my eye.

Rainbow feet with ten rainbow toes are padding around my living room floor. She is wearing those weird colorful toe socks from the 60s. But hey, if she likes them, then more power to her. I got her a couple extra pairs for Christmas that year.

Fun Toe socksLittle did I know I would be padding around with similar weird socks sometime in the future. But fast forward a few years back to the present. And it's all I wear now. I haven't treated myself to a rainbow pair yet, but black toe socks are my jam.

I used to always get that feeling after wearing socks all day, especially tights, where my toes are uncomfortably squished together. Getting the socks off at the end of the day was always such a relief. I never thought there was any other way.

Until I started wearing yoga toe socks. I notice how great my toes feel in those. No squishing. Just comfortably letting them spread out as needed. I wear those all day and my toes still feel totally free.

I realize that I can get plain black toe socks without any frills or rainbows. They feel like a dream. My shoes all fit me just the same as with regular socks. These socks are so comfortable, I even sleep with them on after putting on foot cream. This type of sock could also be helpful for people with bunions, as it allows the toes to spread out rather than pushing the big toe inward. I wear a women's 6 in shoes, and these Fun Toes socks fit me perfectly.

I do get a few comments or weird glances every now and then when people see me sans ankle boots (which is all the rage now) and these toe socks on. But I do think they will catch on. Beside, people have been wearing toe shoes more and more. Why not toe socks?

Preschool Blog (9 more articles.)
Drawings of a 4-1/2 yo Girl

The love of girly things and mythical creatures has inspired drawings to take on new shapes. At 4-1/2yo, Baby Bel just started, this past summer, drawing mermaids, unicorns, rainbows, and butterflies. Faces haven't quite graduated to any new levels. I suppose they will continue to be "stick figures" and standard smiley faces unless serious interest in more realistic drawing occurs. Still, I am quite proud of these drawings and continue to encourage her art work.




I love how they all have clothes and shoes and different hair.

Toddler Blog (82 more articles.)
Painted Horsey Craft Project

We tried this particular arts and crafts about 3 months ago with no interest on baby J's part. But this time, he did it from start to finish. It was his third attempt in the past 3 months, and I guess the third time's the charm.

From Michaels craft store, I just got an unfinished wooden horse shape (they had many different shapes like butterflies, flowers, etc.), some kids washable paint, foam star stickers, and craft gems.

He painted it all by himself. And when it dried, he stuck the stickers on (he chose only green stars, his favorite color) and told me where to put glue drops so he could stick the gems on.

I was so proud of this accomplishment that I had to document it! I guess I will put magnetic tape on it and stick it to the refrigerator.

Baby Blog II (20 more articles.)
How to Make Diaper Rash Cream

I have tried several different diaper rash creams and have not really found one to work perfectly for me. I have used Aveeno, Desitin, Butt Paste, Vaseline, Triple cream, and Aquaphor. None of them really did the trick. They would help a little, but not totally. After spending lots of money on them, I tried to find a "better" brand, and found them to be super expensive. So I started developing my own diaper rash cream.

After experimenting a bit, I ended up with a cream that works better than anything else I have tried. Our son is prone to eczema and is alergic to certain baby wipes, like Costco's Kirkland wipes, and to his own poop. Whenever he poops, he gets red around the rectum and I always need to put cream on. He also gets diaper rashes during really hot weather. This rash cream I developed works well for all those conditions. So I'll share it with you now, and you can make it yourself if you so choose.

The ingredients are not expensive, and once you get them, you can continue to make batches and batches of this cream, along with other types of creams you might want to make. The main ingredient is castorlatum, which is similar to petrolatum, but it is made from castor oil. It seems to be the thing that really makes this diaper cream work well. It creates a barrier to protect against wetness, which is a major cause of diaper rash.

The virgin coconut oil is very healing and conditioning. The sunflower oil is great for the skin and adds softness and spreadability. Tamanu oil is very healing to the skin. (I also use straight Tamanu oil on mosquito bites, and they are healed permanently within 20 minutes. No more itching all week long.) You may be able to get away without the ground oatmeal. I heard that oatmeal is good for the skin, but mostly after it has been cooked. The oatmeal I used was raw, and I bought it in colloidal form (superfinely ground). ROE is to prevent the oils from going rancid, which they seem to do quickly in hot weather. But you can use a liquid capsule or two of vitamin E.


Castorlatum - 3/4 cup
Coconut Oil (virgin) - 1/4 cup
Sunflower Oil - 1/8 cup
Zinc oxide - 2 Tblsp
Tamanu Oil  - 1oz
Oatmeal (ground) - 1 Tblsp
Rosemary Oeloresin Extract (ROE) - 2 drops


1. Melt coconut oil by placing a container of it in a warm/hot water bath.

2. Mix in the Zinc powder until it fully dissolves.

3. Add Sunflower oil, tamanu oil, oatmeal, and ROE

4. Place castorlatum into a mixing bowl.

5. Slowly add the oil mixture to the castorlatum, a little at a time, mixing it in with a fork.

6. Beat the mixture well until it becomes like a diaper cream texture, making sure that the coconut oil re-solidifies.

7. Place into a jar, and use liberally as needed. I usually apply it using a Q-tip.

Baby Blog (63 more articles.)
Last Baby Blog

This is my last baby blog, and I thought I would list all the unexpected little surprises that I encountered in the first year of raising a baby. I will continue to add more of these as comments as I think of them.

I have also started a Toddler Blog to continue tracking baby's milestones and my ramblings about her. So you can read more about her there.

You can often distract a crying baby with a toy or talking to them to get them to stop crying. I always thought there wasn't much you can do about a crying baby other than feed them or rock them.

I didn't know they hated getting their diaper changed. The newborn and 1yo age seem to be especially so. I didn't realize that they wriggle so much during the change. I heard that newborns hate it because they get cold. But maybe the 1 yo hates it because they don't want to lie there.

They are fascinated by seeing themselves and their loved ones in the mirror. This trick can be a great distraction from crying, too.

Baby Gear Blog (12 more articles.)
Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing
Baby J has slept in the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing since he was a newborn. I try not to rely too much on the swing, but its been a really good tool for getting him to sleep sometimes. We started out putting him in the bassinet, but it resulted in lots of spitting up. This cradle swing puts him at a little incline to combat the reflux that many babies often have. Plus it has nice music and white noise and a cute mobile.
Pregnancy Blog (14 more articles.)
Baby J is Born!

Turns out I didn't have time to make many posts here. I found myself involved in so many other activities such as entertaining the toddler, getting things ready for the new baby, doing Christmas shopping, etc. I was going to post lots of other pics of his 3D ultrasound and my growing belly. But alas, time flew by, and at 37 weeks, Baby J arrived, yes, 3 weeks early. But he is healthy and doing well. A little jaundice, but nothing that required the home installation of the blue lights.  

His birth story was goes like this:

It was about 10pm on a Wednesday night, and I had just put Bel down for the night. I got up and walked into the kitchen and got a really bad cramp. I walked into the bedroom to go down for bed myself and got a couple more breath-taking cramps. I could barely get onto the bed. When I finally did get on the bed, I started to feel fluid flowing out. My hubby called the doctor, and we went to the hospital, still leaking fluid.

The fluid was quite bloody, so they weren't sure if my water broke or if I was just bleeding. So they admitted me. Oh, and I was having contractions 2 minutes apart. At that time, I was still 36 weeks and a few days along. He would have been considered premature.

We spent that night at the hospital and waited the whole next day for something more to happen. My contractions had slowed to about 5 minutes apart, and they became less intense. But, the doctor didn't want to induce me until we were past the premature stage, which was just one more day away at that point.

So late that night, they induced me with pitocyn. That sped things along, and I got an epidural. They finally could feel that my bag of water had not yet broken, so they took care of that. That sped things up quite a bit (same as last time but even faster). In less than an hour, I was ready to push.

Pushing lasted about 2 contractions and he was out. It didn't take much, especially since his head was already visible by the time I started to push. Wow, what a difference from my first baby. It took at least an hour trying to get her past my pelvic bone, let alone crowning. But being more than 2 pounds lighter than his sister, he effortlessly slid right out. They plopped him on my belly and it was done.

It was love at first sight, of course. My sweet little boy. I love him so much. I am so happy to have him here. I can't imagine life without him. I feel so much more mommy-like having two children now. Sometimes I have one in each arm, and I don't feel myself anymore. I feel like somebody else. I feel more like a family. I feel like there is so much more love circulating around me.


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